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Seamless strategies for your happiest golden years

What does your retirement look like? Many people look forward to traveling the world. Some can’t wait to spend more time with family, while others simply want to relax after decades in the workforce. But no matter the vision, everyone questions whether or not they’ll have adequate assets to support the lifestyle they’ve imagined once their working years are behind them. As retirement approaches, you may have nagging doubts about your financial plan. Have you saved enough so that you don’t outlive your assets? Are you adequately prepared to meet the skyrocketing cost of healthcare? What if a major downturn in the market creates an income shortfall down the road? Retirement comes with many unknowns, but having an effective plan in place can allow you to maintain your lifestyle and gain peace of mind.

Face retirement with confidence. The transition from accumulating wealth to living off of your savings can be a stressful one. At FAI, many of our clients come to us because they have concerns about their retirement—concerns that you might be experiencing, as well. Whether you’re considering leaving your demanding profession for a more gratifying one, are feeling confused by multiple retirement accounts and stock options, or wonder how you can take care of your parents or children without sacrificing your own financial wellbeing, we’re with unbiased, expert advice you can trust. Our experienced advisors devise tax-efficient strategies that maximize income while helping you make the best and most informed decisions for your financial future. Together, we’ll lay the groundwork for the fulfilling, comfortable retirement you deserve.

Whether retirement is on the horizon or you're a new retiree, rely on us for personalized advice and thoughtful financial guidance.

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