Each month we’ll spotlight one chapter from our 3-part eBook series,  “Caring for Our Aging Parents”.  

This Month’s Focus is taken from eBook #1, Chapter 1: “Helping Your Parents Save in Retirement.”

Retirement represents a time of tremendous transition-changing schedules, finances, healthcare, living situations, and more.  If your parents have recently retired or about to enter this next phase of their lives, new situations will be encountered, a lot of learning will take place, and plenty of decisions will need to be made.

It’s an exciting time of life, especially if they – and you -are prepared for it. This e-book is designed to provide you with the support and guidance you need to help your parents navigate this transition with ease.

For a glimpse of what’s inside this chapter, take a look at our video. To get the full story, please download our eBook or contact us.

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