It seems workplace diversity is a trending topic these days, and that’s great news. By expanding the range of perspectives, experiences, and characteristics of the workforce, it fuels innovation and brings organizations that much closer to overall excellence. But while ethnic and gender diversity are often noted, little mention is made of the age diverse workplace. Smart companies have long recognized and benefited from their multigenerational staffs, so there’s definitely something to be learned from them. Let’s take a look at three of the many benefits organizations stand to gain by embracing age diversity and how it can aid encore career seekers, too:

1.     A broader knowledge base. Each generation brings something unique to the table. For example, younger employees are generally more tech-savvy than their older counterparts, which comes in handy with today’s sophisticated business channels and indispensable social media efforts. On the other hand, older professionals likely worked in environments where technology-based communication wasn’t as rampant. As a result, your interpersonal skills have probably been honed greatly over the years, which can be particularly helpful if you’re considering a service-oriented position for your next chapter.

2.     Opportunities for mentorship. Age diversity paves the way for mentorship between older, more tenured employees and younger, less experienced ones. It’s often an excellent way for one generation to pass their knowledge and wisdom on to the next. Although it might seem that the benefit is purely for the student, there are also several ways that you as the mentor can profit, too. It can deliver a deep sense of personal fulfillment and satisfaction, as well as an opportunity to contribute to your employer’s future success. 

3.     Continuity. To succeed, companies can’t be mired in the past, they need to constantly evolve and adapt with the times. That’s why a workforce skewed heavily to just one age demographic runs the risk of becoming obsolete. Consider a workforce dominated only by young professionals: there is no opportunity for generational mentoring. And in a workforce dominated only by mature employees, when workers eventually retire from the company, there’s little bench strength left behind. A mixture of various generations provides balance–a marriage of past and present, leaving plenty of room for future growth.

Make the most of our aging workforce. Baby Boomers continue to be among the largest segments of the American workforce. While some seniors continue to work because they need the income, many simply don’t want to retire. You may have a strong work ethic and feel you still have a lot to contribute. And after dedicating years to achieving your career aspirations, you may want to turn your attention to a role that can offer more job satisfaction and the opportunity to give something back. An aging workforce can be used to great advantage if organizations are open to working creatively. It’s imperative that a multi-generational workforce not be viewed as a liability, but rather as a valuable tool for driving innovation and creative solutions.

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